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Free Worldwide shipping. For European orders from CHF 60/ € 80. For UK orders from £80. For International orders from $90.

Estimated delivery time for CH 1-2 days, EU 2-5 days, Intl. 3-7 days.

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Perfect Match for Radiant Skin and Hair
Sacred Hair Oil Sacred Hair Oil

Sacred Hair Oil

$ 59.50
Nourishing Shampoo Nourishing Shampoo

Nourishing Shampoo

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Lip treatment

Lip treatment

$ 15.00


When was Abhati founded?

December 2013

What is Abhati’s mission?

Abhati is built on a mission of people and planet. Our sales directly support educating girls from vulnerable communities in India through our partnership with Educate Girls. And our products are made from whole plant ingredients we source through direct partnerships with agricultural families in the rural Himalayas.

How is Abhati different from other companies that pursue charitable causes?

Giving has been embedded in our DNA from day 1. We are a for-profit company that reinvests a significant portion of our profits to support NGOs that work toward getting girls from vulnerable communities into school and helping them pursue an education that will benefit them long-term.

How do you evaluate the impact of your efforts?

Quantitatively, we measure impact by the number of girls our sales send to school. But on a personal level, hearing the stories of the countless young girls who have been rescued from extreme poverty and a future as a child bride makes it clear that every sale of Abhati has a tremendous impact.

What kind of relationship do you have with the NGO you are working with?

We have had a long-term partnership with our primary NGO, Educate Girls, after learning about the important work they do to rescue girls from becoming child brides and convincing their families that going to school is more valuable and meaningful. Additionally, Abhati founder and CEO Anju Rupal was one of the founding members of Weforest.org, which is the organization we support through our membership with 1% For The Planet.


Where can I get a complete list of product ingredients?

Each Abhati product is provided with a detailed list of ingredients. If you have specific questions about a product, please refer to the product’s page for more information.

Are Abhati products certified organic?

All whole plant ingredients are either organic or wildcrafted, but not all of the farmers we work with have organic certification. This is a huge financial investment for them, and we are trying to work with them to get this done with the local governing bodies. But in the meantime, we support them by buying their beautiful ingredients—even if that means it doesn’t come with an official organic seal.

Why are the ingredients in your products special?

Most of the plants are wildcrafted (the practice of harvesting plants by hand from their natural, or ‘wild’ habitat) and tested by us for their effectiveness and healing properties.

Why do you say the quality of your products is superior?

It took us over three years to develop our range. Each product was developed from scratch, which isn’t the norm in beauty. This allowed us to work with the best raw materials, and with a team of researchers who are noted for their environmentally friendly formulation philosophy.

Do any of your products contain parabens or sulfates?

No, our products are free from parabens, sulfates, sillcones, and colorants.

Are Abhati products gluten-free?

Most are, but not all. Please refer to individual product pages for details.

Do your products contain soybeans, nuts or wheat?

Yes, some products do; please check individual product pages.

Are your products and ingredients tested on animals?

No, never. We only on humans. We worked with 73 hair salons in Switzerland to develop our hair care line, and work according to the Sattva principle of harmlessness.

Do your products contain any animal ingredients or by-products?

Our products are only plant-based and vegan. The one exception is our Mahanadi Lip Treatment, which contains beeswax.

Do Abhati Suisse products have an expiration date?

Yes, six months after opening the package.

Are your products fair trade and sustainably sourced?

Yes. We source our raw material suppliers from the Himalayan region and Switzerland.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, we use recycled paper, rPET (recycled plastic that can be recycled indefinitely), glass, and sugarcane. We have to use dark packaging to prevent harmful light from reaching our herbal ingredients.

Do your products contain sunscreen?

No. It is difficult to develop a natural sunscreen product that is effective. But we are working on it.

Are Abhati shampoos and conditioners safe for color-treated hair?

Yes. Please note that our shampoos are plant-based and do not lather like conventional shampoos due to the natural surfactants we use in place of harsh foaming agents.

I have sensitive skin; will Abhati Suisse products be suitable for me?

We recommend that people with sensitive skin always do a patch test before using to check for potential allergies.

Why are your shower gels and shampoos non-foaming?

Our cleansers for body and hair are non-foaming because they are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and other non-plant-based surfactants. This ingredient, often used in this type of product, can be irritating to the skin. We prefer milder and non-aggressive products for the skin. They do not foam as much as conventional products, but clean perfectly and are plant-based!

What preservatives do you use?

All our preservatives are of plant origin. We devote a lot of research to finding the best natural preservatives and are constantly developing them as new formulas become available.

Are Abhati products suitable for vegans?

Most are. But please always visit our individual product pages for up-to-date information.

Do you offer samples of your products?

You can purchase our travel kit, which includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a body wash, body lotion, and full-sized lip treatment.


What is your relationship with your producers?

Some go back to the partnership with weforest.org and have become part of our family, with a shared concern for the environment.

Is every step of your production process sustainable?

Where possible, yes. Even our offices are powered by renewable energy from alpine water.

How do you check that everything is in order in terms of your production?

All of Abhati’s production takes place internally. Please check our blog to learn more.


Which countries does Abhati Suisse ship to?

Abhati offers worldwide shipping, from abhatisuisse.com. We also have partners in the US and Australia who ship from their stores. Please see our list of distributors.

What are the shipping and handling costs?

We offer international shipping worldwide. The delivery price depends on the destination. Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for more information. Please note: We do not offer special delivery (next-day delivery) on our website.

Which parcel service does Abhati Suisse use?

We have partnered with DHL for order delivery and we ship from Europe, so there are no customs fees for deliveries.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly accept products in their original, untouched condition within 14 days for a refund or exchange. Please return the product in its original packaging along with a copy of the packing slip. Only items purchased on abhatisuisse.com can be accepted for return or exchange. We do not accept merchandise purchased in a store. Only the price of the item(s) purchased will be refunded. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. For returns, send the unused or damaged merchandise to: Abhati GmbH Industriestrasse 3 9050 Appenzell Switzerland Once we receive your returned item(s), please allow up to 10 business days for us to process your refund and send an email confirmation.

Do I have to pay to return my item?

Sorry, we do not offer free return services. We recommend that you send all returns to us using a trackable shipping method or alternatively obtain proof of posting, as we cannot be held liable for shipments without proof of posting. For more information or assistance, please email hello@abhatisuisse.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Is VAT included in the price of my purchase?

Your shipment may be subject to customs duties and VAT charges. All costs due to the transaction are to be paid fully by the receiver of the shipment. The customs and taxes (VAT) that apply in your country are to be paid by the final buyer and are not included in the purchase price. These customs duties are not under our control.”

What security measures are used on this website?

The security of our customer’s personal and credit card information is a top priority for Abhati, and we continue to invest in developing robust security systems here in Switzerland. Our website is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, which create a secure transaction area where you can enter your payment information. You can be sure you have entered a secure area if your browser address is www.abhatisuisse.com and a small padlock icon appears at the bottom left of your screen. We also have secure firewall systems and daily scanning to ensure that all intrusion attempts are quickly identified and followed up with a semi-annual penetration security scan by our security partners. We regularly work with industry experts to obtain the latest security advice and are constantly striving to improve our rigorous procedures.

Does anyone else see the information I provide to Abhati?

Abhati respects your privacy and does not share any of our customers’ personal information. The information you provide will not be shared with any third party. For more information, please read our privacy policy. – For more information, please visit: https://www.abhatisuisse.com/privacypolicy

Do I need an account with Abhati to place an order?

You do not need to create an account to shop online; instead, you can shop as a guest. However, creating an account will allow you to move through the checkout process faster: You can save your personal information, store multiple addresses, view previous orders, update subscription information, and receive special invitations to Abhati customer events and new product information. Creating an account only takes a few minutes and you can do so by clicking here.

Can I change my order?

Before finalizing your payment, you can modify your order on the “Your Cart” page in the step of validating your order.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Usually 3-4 days

When will the payment be charged from my card?

Your card will be charged when your order is shipped. If any of the products you ordered are temporarily out of stock, they will be shipped to you as soon as they are available, and your credit card will be charged after they are shipped. Postage will only be charged to the first shipment if the order is going to the same shipping address. Your credit/debit card will be charged when your order ships. Your credit card charge will be reflected on your monthly credit card statement. Debit card charges will be deducted directly from your statement.

Do I need to sign for delivery of my product?

Standard FREE deliveries to the UK are tracked and most of the time a signature is required. If you have opted for special delivery, it will need to be signed for.UK Priority Delivery is sent by mail and does not require a signature upon delivery. You can track your package by clicking on the link in your shipping email. For security reasons, all packages must be signed for upon receipt. If you are not home during normal office hours, you can provide an alternate secure delivery address where someone can sign for your package.For more information or assistance, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

My order arrived damaged. What now?

We pack and ship your products with the utmost care, although unfortunately in rare cases some items may be damaged in the mail. Please contact us immediately using the form on our contact page if your order has arrived damaged and make it clear if you would like a refund or replacement. In most cases, we will ask you to return the damaged item to us via our returns procedure. However, if the product is not in suitable condition for this and you can email us a picture, we may be willing to waive this requirement.For further information or assistance, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Where can I buy Abhati products?

For a current list of retail partners, please see the stores section of our website.


What is the difference between organic and wildcrafted?

We often use the term “wildcrafted” when describing the ingredients in our skin care products. Wildcrafted is often used in conjunction with “organic” or “natural,” but the properties of wildcrafted plants are rare, and these particular plant extracts can uniquely enhance the antioxidant profile of your skincare. Wildcrafting involves traditional harvesting techniques where plants are hand picked in their most natural state and care is taken to avoid disturbing the local ecosystem.

What are wildcrafted ingredients?

Wildcrafted means that a plant has been grown in nature without any human intervention and in its natural environment. No commercial farming methods have been used to grow wildcrafted plants. In addition, they are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner that does not harm their occurrence or the environment in which they naturally grow. Only the leaves, stems or flowers are extracted for us, leaving the living plant intact. This harvesting method means that wild-crafted ingredients often cannot be classified as organic, even though they are essentially the most organically grown ingredients you can find.Wildcrafted ingredients are different from organic ingredients, which are derived from plants that are grown with the help of humans, with careful attention to the impact on the environment and creating conditions for optimal growth without harming the plant or any other aspect of the growing process.

Is it true that every skincare product must contain some kind of preservative?

Any cream-based product must contain a preservative to be safe. Abhati only uses preservatives that are approved by Ecocert. Abhati is committed to ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients are included in each of its products. Abhati proactively researches and discovers new forms of preservatives and continues to develop them as new ingredients become available.

Where can I find out about becoming an authorized seller with Abhati?

If you are interested in becoming one of Abhati’s retail partners, please email us at hello@abhatisuisse.com with more information about your business and we will contact you.

Can I offer Abhati at my place of business?

Please email us at hello@abhatisuisse.com. Due to the large number of requests we receive, please be aware that requests may take between three and four weeks to process. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Who can I contact to include Abhati products in a blog or video post?

For all press inquiries, please contact us directly at hello@abhatisuisse.com.

What will I receive if I subscribe to the Abhati newsletter?

Abhati’s monthly newsletter provides information about places, people, food, writing, design, and anything else that inspires us that we think might interest you. If you subscribe to the newsletter, your information will be used to communicate directly with you and will not be shared with third parties. However, please note that by entering your information into our customer database, you are also opting in to receive invitations to Abhati’s events and information about Abhati partner initiatives.You can sign up for our newsletter from the sidebar on our homepage.

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