ABHATI Suisse: Altitude Active Beauty™

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Free Worldwide shipping. For European orders from CHF/€ 60. For UK orders from £80. For International orders from $90.

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Changing Seasons.

Everlasting Glow.

Shield your hair and skin from autumn's wind.

Altitude Active

Harnessing potent plants from Switerland and India's mountain heights.

Scientifically proven formulations.

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97% plant derived formulas. Made in switzerland

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Take the quiz and find the ideal haircare routine for you.

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Award-winning for a reason

4-in-1 Travel Bar 4-in-1 Travel Bar

4-in-1 Travel Bar

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Nourishing Shampoo Nourishing Shampoo

Nourishing Shampoo

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Sacred Hair Oil Sacred Hair Oil

Sacred Hair Oil

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Detoxifying Shampoo Bar Detoxifying Shampoo Bar

Detoxifying Shampoo Bar

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Calming Shampoo Bar Calming Shampoo Bar

Calming Shampoo Bar

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Travel Set 4+1 Travel Set 4+1
Nomads Kit

Travel Set 4+1

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High-Performance Nourishing Conditioner High-Performance Nourishing Conditioner

High-Performance Nourishing Conditioner

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Rare Oil Rare Oil

Rare Oil

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Lip treatment Lip treatment

Lip treatment

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Rich Facial Cleanser Rich Facial Cleanser

Rich Facial Cleanser

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For visibly stronger,
healthier hair

Dandruff? Itchy Scalp? Hair Loss? Breakage? We got you.

Our products address hair health from the root.

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Less Breakage


Naturally Derived

Altitude-Active Beauty TM

All ABHATI Suisse products are formulated with natural, highly efficacious altitude-actives ethically sourced from the Swiss Alps and Indian Himalayas, powered by Swiss Alpine Water.



Elevate your autumn haircare routine with MANALI's Moisturising Shampoo Bar. Made with organic cannabis seed oil and elderberry, this pH-balanced formula revives your hair's shine and offers intensive hydration.


The word is out about ABHATI Suisse

"From Himalayan wild cherry and rosehip oil to alpine water and edelweiss grown on the Swiss Alps - ABHATI Suisse skin, hair, and body collections
offer the best of both worlds." – Harper‘s Bazaar

“The therapeutic benefits of Swiss botanicals and the best of Himalayan organic plants creating a unique collection” - Vogue

"ABHATI Suisse is a fabulous marriage of Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Swiss technology, which Abhati deems ‘mindful luxury‘." - Essence Magazine

“ABHATI Suisse: A Beauty Brand That Feels Good and Does Good.” – Robb Report

“Created with a team of scientists, by Anju Rupal, ABHATI Suisse positions itself as one of the new citizen brands of the world.” - Elle

"Abhati Suisse is positioned as a new brand for global citizens." - Vogue

What people are saying

Verified Buyer

It exceeded my expectations.

I recently tried the Yamuna and it exceeded my expectations. My scalp feels refreshed and clean. The fragrance lasted throughout the day. I love how it removed build-up from styling products, giving my hair a weightless feel.

- Sarah T.

Verified Buyer

Fabulous Hair Trio.

I brought the hair trio set and have never looked back. I mix the conditioner with the oil for my weekly hair mask. Deep hydration trio and my hair has never looked so great.

- Rita G.

Verified Buyer

On my second tube of Tansa.

I've noticed a significant improvement in how long my hair color lasts. It leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh, and the color looks just as vibrant as when I first got it done.

- Susanne M.

Verified Buyer

Obsessed with this trio!

The shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil work together to revive and repair my dry, brittle hair. I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of my locks.

- Lauren K.

Verified Buyer

Mahanadi has exceeded my expectations.

I'm someone who is always on the hunt for the perfect lip balm, and Mahanadi has exceeded my expectations. It's so hydrating and long-lasting, and the packaging is super luxe too.

- Megan.

Verified Buyer

Amazing conditioner.

My hair feels so soft and I get so many compliments. Even looks shiny on the second day which is rare for my fine blonde hair. Was a gift, but I plan to purchase this very soon.

- Charly.

Verified Buyer

So In Love!

The hair oil is perfect for my hair. I add several drops in my palm and apply it and instantly it’s shiny and glossy and makes my hair lay flatter. It smells divine the whole day. This is the perfect for my frizzy hair.

- Tracey C.

Verified Buyer

Shampoo, conditioner, hair oil love these products!

In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, the hair oil is just as amazing. The line hydrates and tames my frizz, leaves hair super soft. None of these products weigh down my hair. Very light, smooth and lovely scented.

- Suzanne O.

Verified Buyer

Super soft skin.

Super lightweight so little goes a long way!! Great for sensitive skin, absorbs quickly, ideal for both dry and oily skin as it is very moisturising and does not clog pores. Best oil from all other brands so far.

- Rabbi.

Verified Buyer

Love the results.

I can definitely say the good health of my hair is thanks to this conditioner. It feels so much softer and shiner. It doesn't leave any residue or buildup. It's very lightweight which I think helps keep my hair from being oily and brittle.

- Chiara E.

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