What is pre-shampoo treatment & why do you need to incorporate it into your rituals for healthy hair?

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Often an overlooked part of hair care routine, at ABHATI Suisse pre-shampoo is a time-honoured practice to ensure we protect, repair and prevent damage to our scalp and strands. Discover the transformational impact of pre-shampoo treatments and why it’s the missing link in your haircare rituals.

What is pre-shampoo?

One stage in your regimen before stepping into the shower is applying a pre-shampoo treatment. Enhancing scalp stimulation, addressing concerns including dryness of the scalp and hair, itchiness, and product building up, as well as promoting healthy hair growth are the principal goals of this treatment. Applying potent hair oil to provide significant hydration, gloss, or exfoliating boost. Pre-shampoos are a simple and quick approach to make sure you are taking care of your scalp and hair, even though they are frequently overlooked. Pre-shampooing with CHAMBAL Sacred Hair Oil is our favourite method.

See our founder, Anju Rupal's transformation after adding pre-shampoo treatment to her haircare rituals.

Signs of unhealthy hair: Learn to identify signs of unhealthy hair and how pre-shampoo treatments can help restore its health and vitality.

Who can benefit from adding a pre-shampoo treatment to their hair care rituals?

Before examining the potential advantages associated with pre-shampoo treatments, let's first identify some common signs of unhealthy hair and scalp:

Dryness and brittle texture: A common sign of hair that lacks moisture and essential nutrients is if your hair feels dry, and rough and is prone to tangles and breakage.

Scalp buildup and excessive oiliness: Imbalance in your scalp sebum production can be determined by the amount of oil produced by your scalp. If you find your hair gets oily and greasy within one day of wash day, your scalp is likely imbalanced.

Itchiness and Flakiness: An itchy or flaky scalp can be an indication of scalp concerns such as Dandruff, Eczema or psoriasis.

Thinning and hair loss: Significant hair loss or thinning can be unpleasant and often signals hormonal imbalances or underlying medical conditions.

Lack of shine: Healthy hair reflects light, giving it a natural shine. However dull, lifeless hair indicates damage from environmental factors and improper hair care routine.

A pre-shampoo treatment serves as a preventative precaution against future damage in addition to treating current concerns. It is possible to preserve the integrity and health of your hair and scalp throughout time and lessen the chance of future damage or degradation by routinely implementing this treatment into your hair care rituals.

What is the history of pre-shampoo?

Indulging in the practice of hair oiling before a hair wash is a time-honoured tradition that has been passed down through generations in Indian culture, spanning thousands of years. Throughout history, Ayurvedic texts like the Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita have meticulously recorded the age-old tradition of using herbal oils on the hair and scalp to enhance overall well-being and radiance.

This timeless tradition remains a vital aspect of Indian grooming traditions, handed down from one generation to another as a symbol of utmost care and nourishment.

Renowned as "champi" in Hindi, this traditional technique entails delicately massaging warm oil into the scalp and hair, enabling it to deeply penetrate and nourish the follicles. This ancient technique not only nourishes and hydrates the hair, but also brings a sense of tranquility and enhances overall wellness.

Indian culture holds hair in high regard, considering it a symbol of beauty and vitality. The ritual of oiling before hair washing is deeply cherished as a sacred tradition, paying homage to the importance of hair in their culture.

How to add pre-shampoo to your rituals?

Step 1: Brush your hair and stimulate your scalp: Before using hair oil, gently detangle your hair. To increase blood flow to your scalp, we recommend stimulating it before using any products.

Step 2: Apply oil: A little goes a long way, so start by applying two to three pipettes of CHAMBAL evenly to your scalp and one to two pipettes to the ends.

Step 3: Scalp massage: After applying hair oil, massaging your scalp helps work the product in and encourages the growth of healthy hair by ensuring that the nutrients reach deeper into your scalp and hair follicles, encouraging healthier, stronger hair.

Step 4: Repeat this process one to two times a week before you wash your hair.

Watch our Co-founder, Shirin Doerig’s tutorial on how to add pre-shampoo treatment to your ritual using CHAMBAL.

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