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We can’t talk about Future Forward Beauty without a peek into our past.

Granny—or Naniji—would massage all sorts of oils & powders into my hair & face. She never bought products, but would instead make them in her kitchen. Gram flour, cold pressed oils, exotic (for the UK) fruits...she would slather all of us with her latest creation, and at times we felt like a pickle put to marinate!

We pass this dedication to natural beauty through generations. And it is a dedication that we carry with us through life.

My mother (photographed here) is now 85-years-old and still asks for her hair to be put in a tight bun so she can enjoy her shower rituals with her lovely oils. She has dementia, which means she often forgets who Dad is. But when she notices him, she asks who that handsome man with so much hair is—hair she spent decades lovingly oiling. A quiet moment of recognition we cherish dearly.

Wanting to make a difference in the world drives our dedication to the charitable model we’ve created, but my heritage drives my passion for natural beauty. And every time I use our products, I am reminded of my dear Naniji & Mum and smile thinking about what they’ve inspired.


It’s time for a proper introduction. My name is Anju Rupal, and I am a lifelong social worker, environmental activist and the founder of Abhati.

Abhati is so much more than a beauty company. Behind it is a passionate team of beauty experts, designers and entrepreneurs who are working hard to curate a beautiful collection of products that work for both people and planet.

We hope you join us on our exciting journey of looking after each other!


Science-driven research and expert care go into every ABHATI Suisse creation. We make next generation skincare and hair care that blends the advanced Swiss technology with Indian tradition. Abhati ComplexTM is infused with wildcrafted botanicals rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and gentle cleansing agents that help protect hair, skin, and scalp.

We don’t follow trends.
We instead believe in a synergy between science plant-powered beauty. Our products marry a scientific approach to plants with Indian rituals. Our products are 97% to 100% plant-based, while rejecting the use of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic alcohols.

We develop our formulas with expertly selected plants. Because one plant can in synergy boost the properties of another, our biochemists are constantly looking to create the highest performing combination of botanical ingredients.


We are enthusiastic members of the B Corp, a growing collective of ethical business united by our hope for a brighter, equitable future. Certified from B Lab Switzerland, every year we are thoroughly vetted on everything, from oversight on our supply chain and charitable claims to how we impact workers and the environment.

1% for the Planet is a community of businesses financially committed to the environment and the health of our planet. As a certified member, we have helped contribute to giving $270 million to highly vetted non-governmental operations focused on environmental issues.
Each time Anju uses one of our products, she is reminded of her dear Naniji & Mum and smiles thinking about what they’ve inspired.

ABHATI Suisse is future forward beauty, merging product innovation
with doing good for the world.
Behind every high-performance formula is an act of kindness
to people and planet.


We partner with Educate Girls to support initiatives educating girls in rural India. Together with you, we are helping to pull women out of poverty with every purchase. So far you have made it possible for 480,000 school days...and counting.

“I created ABHATI Suisse with one vision in mind – to create a new category in the beauty industry. Exceptional formulas that bring together my two worlds of India and Switzerland, that gives back to our global community in a truly impactful way. “
- Anju Doerig-Rupal


We are thrilled that the next generation has decided to join the team - alongside our founder, we now have Shirin - youngest daughter - on board. Shirin embodies our brand like no other - as a beauty enthusiast. As a young woman with Indian and Swiss upbringing.

Together with Anju, she will continue to shape our brand and we could not be prouder. We can't wait to see what mother and daughter will be up to in the next months and years. And we are sure that Naniji is smiling down on us, loving the fact that indeed , this is a place where heritage is passed on. And will continue to do so.

“I am so proud of ABHATI Suisse and everything it has achieved so far, and am so excited for the rest of the world to experience the unique world of ABHATI Suisse.”
- Shirin Doerig
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